Saturday, November 27, 2004

(no number)

Ok you won, you got my attention!
Who are you, please?!

You're not Mz. because he hasn't called me since he left,
You're not Br. as well because of the same reason,
You're not Kv. because he talks when he calls,
You're not Ar. because he does the same,
You're not Sh. because I'm sure he has lost my phone number by now,
You're not As. because of the same reason,
You're not Ar. because I wonder if he remembers my name by now,
You're not Mt becuase of the same reason,

You're not Ms. because I know you're not,
You're not Am. because I know you're not this one too, ...

Who's this (no number) who keeps calling and always hangs up?

PS pour les autres: these are not neccessarily my ex-oyfriends btw ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oonvakh in yani chi?