Friday, February 18, 2011

/cs CLOSE #OpIran

I must confess, seeing the #OpIran page and the software that the Anonymous group had prepared, after supporting WikiLeaks and the stories of how they supported Egypt, I was impressed by this group and assumed that their intentions were honorable. Me and a couple of other friends tried to contact them, talk to them and offer some insight into what the fight is about these days and the current trends on government websites while they were wasting their resources on some useless websites. But I have to say that these superstitious kids (including the operators) on the #OpIran page are a bunch of lunatics, that are doing this as hobby and are absolutely insensitive to the real cause, while we are in the middle of a real fight. They are completely illogical, rude, not open to discussion or getting any form of input from people who actually have some idea about what is going on in Iran, after all the name of the operation is Iran, but for them this is just a hobby.

After being kicked out of the channel a number of times with the most crude comments, the last thing I heard of them before leaving the channel was that "we don't need you". My response was "we don't need you either".

They are not doing us any good, they are just having fun and like to have the illusion of doing something noble, while they are very very mistaken. I might not be familiar with the culture of IRC rooms and inner-hacker jargons, but nothing justifies this kind of behavior, while we are dealing with real-world issues. Nothing justifies "though titty" as the reason for being kicked out of a channel in response to "I'm serious guys, can we have a civilized discussion about this?", My point is, they can do whatever they are doing and enjoy it. But they do not deserve any credits, at least when it comes to cyber attacks in Iran.

And this experience makes me think much more highly of my Iranian friends, who are very creative, and devoted, who listen to others and resolve issues in very civilized manner while they are emotionally invested and affected by the situation in Iran.

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