Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm moving from one addiction to another, Addiction to workout is the type that nobody worries about, none of your friends will warn you about its consequences, moreover they praise for your newly grown muscles. I'm surrounded by "encouraging" friends, who think a friend is someone who supports you in your decisions and is happy for you, even when you're temporarily happy while you're screwing things up and there's something clearly wrong and you're not noticing. [Yes, and when you're noticing it and are aware of it, the support is not in "reminding" you off your screw ups, support will turn into actions that help you recover, friendship's complicated.]

He was wrong, My "issue" is not my relationships, it's my friendships. I have great, amazing "absent" friends whom I love with not just all my heart but all my being, but I want, I need, wise and "present" friends.

PS: I guess I will have to put the search on hold and focus on research, Sriram's saying I have to start looking for a job

PPS: It's always during these scary times that life gets real that you are reminded of things that really make you happy and you don't need to spend any "energy" to "focus" on them, you do it naturally, without even noticing it. Like writing. Like painting. Like dancing.

PPPS: Blues dancing is the best.

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