Friday, April 22, 2005

The blood doesn't stop flowing

Joan Baez - Blood Flows

The earth doesn't stop turning,
and the blood doesn't stop flowing,
Where is it goin'? all this spilled blood?
Murderer's blood, whore's blood, misery's blood, and the blood of man who was torchered in prison, and the blood of children who were torchered by their papa and mammy, and the blood of man who's head's bleeding and the roofers blood when roofer slips and falls from the roof,
and the blood that comes and flows in the great gushes with the new born, with the new baby,
The mother cries,
The baby cries,
The blood flows,
The earth turns,
The earth doesn't stop turning,
The blood doesn't stop flowing!


Kont said...

bad geer dadi be hermann nitsch haa!

divooneh said...