Saturday, October 15, 2005

In Liverpool - Suzanne Vega

Homesick for a clock
That told the same time
sometimes you made no sense to me
if you lie on the ground
in somebody's arms
you'll probably swallow some of their history

And the boy in the belfry
He's crazy, he's throwing himself
Down from the top of the tower
Like a hunchback in heaven
He's ringing the bells in the church
For the last half an hour
He sounds like he's missing something
Or someone that he knows he can't
Have now and if he isn't
I certainly am


Anonymous said...

agha ajab akse binamoosy!!!!!!

am said...

namoos yani chi?!!!!

shahin said...

in akse ke hame azash tarif mikonan vase man filtere!! :P

am said...

hmm.. shayad asar e sher basheh..
vali noch!!!!!!!(bad az ye gharn hmmm kardan)