Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol @ Blogs!

There's a weblog contest called YearBlock, that you need to submit your best blog post or you can nominate a post written by somebody else [it will be eliminated if the post is not authentic or they can not contact the author] then people can read and vote and the best ones will be published in a book. the bad thing is that seems the post has to be in English, the FAQ doesn't state anything about it, but I guess since the tag line is American idol @ blogs, it has to be in English, or at least I can say that if it's not in english it doesn't stand a chance, so I'm not particularly interested in participating in it [yeah don't nominate me! ;)] since I mostly write in Farsi, but it's fun to read the top posts, although there are not so many posts there yet but I enjoyed reading the top 1. Well I'm interested to see what type of blogger wins, a romantic or a philosopher and if it looks fair. I actually got me thinking, if I were to design such a contest, how could I make it fair?! it's a fact that the ones that have been on the top for a while will stay of top and people tend to read those that already have been voted enough time to be worthy of reading and the new comers are less likely to be seen and are usually neglected. I would probably hide the results for those who haven't voted yet. Well, life is not fair anyway!

اینکه من از این جور چرت و پرتها دارم اینجا مینویسم به وجد نیاین. دارم یه سیستم کاری رو امتحان میکنم ببینم جدی کار میکنه یا نه. برای همین دویست تا کلمه هم قراره پونرده دولار بگیرم. اگر واقعا گرفتم که خیلی مسخره ست ولی خوب سعی میکنم به اطلاع همگان برسونم تا شما هم فیضی ببرید از شبهایی که خوابتون نمیبره.

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foolani said...

cheghadr khobe ke be roz mikoni
khosh halam