Tuesday, August 03, 2004


People better be careful about the FTPs that go straight in without any authentication! and users be careful about their flower of EFFAT!

PS: You can use SmartFTP for protection and DLAccelerate as lubrication!
PS2: Good luck! :)


Shahin said...

Just for the record, it apparently took our beloved Blogger.com some 12 hours to deliver my previous comment to you guys. That's that.

And on the news today SmartFTP has revealed unseen footage and documents contributing to the alleged rape case of the FTP site. Apparantly he's been secretly keeping the authentication keys somewhere inside it's toolbar, and has managed to fool the parties involved as if there had been no protection. I am ShJ, this is K-CHI-PEE-PEE.

arash. said...

do thgs like server side or client side have anyplace in this jargon?

xeeg said...

"Yeah,.. You asked the right person at the very right time!"
synonym as "Good Question!"

صابر said...

PS: You can use SmartFTP for protection and DLAccelerate as lubrication!
> On which platform as bed? I hate linux because it's not user-friendly, I enjoy a soft place like Windows or Mac :D
PS- Linux isn't bad at least for its flexibility!


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