Saturday, July 31, 2004

Back ... again ... somehow!

Well,... I'm back again, actually we're back again. Me and Parisa, (Parisa and Me) will be logging here.

This address originally belongs to both of us, but for Parisa didn't like to write for sometime, I used it personally for my "Single Tango", now we're going to log together, About our daily thoughts and humor, sometimes very deep, sometimes very goofy, and sometimes very dirty!

I've not been writing online for some reaons for a while, I'm not goin' to get back very soon, but I'll settle it down somewhere else, ...

That's it :)



الاکلنگ said...

:) Nice to see you are writting and also let others leave U comments ... I have your weblog link added in .if you don't like it.tell me reove it ... its long time that I enjoy your dairy :) ..wish you the best Yasaman.

Gharibe Ashena said...

Wellcome Back(parisa& u, u&Parisa)
I will try to consider it as serious as "Single Tango". somehow!

Mazyar said...

خوبه كه دوباره مينويسي.
چرا فارسي نمينويسي؟