Thursday, August 12, 2004

Psychological Damage

An American army regulation says you mustn't kill more than 10% of a nation 'Cos to do so causes permanent "psychological damage" but these motherf**** killed 1600 ppl today in Najaf and I don' give a shit 'bout the tempels, but these guys shamelessly, shoot sth from their hip and some bastards just read the tumb and throw bomb and kill these miserable helpless ppl in their own homeland! It must really feel terrible like this!

Ooo God I don' really get it, yeaaaa i just don' get it, what can possibly turn man into some kind of monster!

Well, honestly i know,.. I can even have some ideas how to manage a curriculum to educate such army! such poor stupid (misguided) fooooools!

I wigged out watching the news tonight,... that's why I never do!


arash. said...

monsterablity(!) ...tranform a man to monster by educating him that its a "value" to have wide mouth little ears small eyes big nose so he see nothing except his nose tip.Draw it and suppose he wanna be a "valuable" monster...
: (

fallenangle said...

We make war that we may live in peace.I don't remember who said this maybe he was sweetheart Aristotle! blog!