Wednesday, June 01, 2011

One could not even wish patience for a family that is known for their patience, and tolerance, and perseverance. And how ironic it is to listen to Haleh's interview that was done few hours before her father's funeral, and her own death, remembering her father's most memorable quotes advising the younger generation not to ever seek vengeance, that on the path to seek justice, every step has to be just, and righteous. I believe in his words, and I believe he truly believed and practiced them. Doesn't matter how much we might disagree with "Nationalist-Religious Movement" people, but who can ever disagree that they are among the most righteous, ethical, and genuine people one could ever encounter in politics, and they deserve our utmost respect.

Watch from 0:10:00

I was just updated by a friend who attended Haleh's funeral. She was buried, at night, in silence. Security forces outnumbering mourners. This is more tragic than Ashoora.

As Haleh said, Ezat Sahabi left with hope, Haleh left with Ezat [literary meaning "honor"] and we're left with the memory of their last words, their heritage, and a future to make.

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