Friday, August 13, 2010

Meteor Shower

Had my first kiss after watching a meteor shower, in the mountains, sounds very romantic doesn't it? well it didn't feel that romantic, the air was polluted with too much light and bugs, and the kiss polluted with too much tongue and saliva! It basically killed the feeling of love I had for the guy and excitement I had for meteor showers.

Ever wonder why everyone romanticizes about meteor showers so much but in reality they are not so impressive? It's the photographs, always the photographs taken by keeping the diaphragm open for so long, to capture a collection of simple, not so impressive little meteors and flashing it to your eyes in one moment, in one photo, something that never happens in reality, and you keep asking for it, and will always be disappointed ...

The solution might be in keeping your eyes open and having a good memory,... or in being a pessimist and you may be surprised by simple pleasures,... Still can not give up being an optimist and that's the recipe for disappointment. Well I should put it some other way, I am now a dreamer with very little expectations.

All I have from that first night is a nice story to tell and a bunch of good pictures.


nemidounam said...

nice to hear that those luscious lips of yours are getting some sweet sugar!

xeeg said...

nice to hear a story from 10 years ago? and "too much tongue and saliva" does not really match the official description of "sweet sugar"!