Saturday, July 21, 2012

Terror of James Holmes

James Holmes was a terrorist.

To become a terrorist you don't need to be part of an organization or act in groups.
To become a terrorist you don't need to be a muslim, from the middle east, or south america.
To become a terrorist you don't need to have dark skin and speak an exotic language.
To become a terrorist you don't need to even be religious, nor need to be illiterate.

To become a terrorist you need to have an agenda, to plan and to use fear and terror to make a point.

What we know about James Holmes is that he had an agenda, we don't know what the agenda was, but we know that he took his time to plan and execute his plan. He was also a relatively smart man, a PhD student in neuroscience. To be admitted to a program like that in any university in any universe, you'd have to show some level of analytical skills. A person like that could not possibly _not_ have a point and continue planning impulsively for months. Aside from that, we don't wait to hear the explanations that muslim terrorists have, we don't need to know what Holmes' motives were to know he had one.

We know he was a psychopath who identified with Joker. Wasn't the Joker a psychopathic character with a sadistic sense of humor who would get away with murder on basis of insanity? and let me remind you of how the Crown price of Crime expresses his identity in the last Batman movie

James Holmes is a terrorist. Let's call him what he is:

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