Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mon enfance passa

Where is your smile, I wondered, as you were walking down the stairs, holding a little girl's hand in your hand. A girl I didn't know, with the same curly hair as yours, staring at what was ahead, at what there was not, just like you were. Trying to walk down the stairs in perfect synchrony and one couldn't see the trying in your faces, you would not slow down or speed up, trying was in the paleness in your thumbs, squeezing the girl's hand, forcing her to adjust.

I watched you patiently, taking a million steps towards my table. You took a glance as you were sitting down, the girl staring at me, with a hint of curiosity and you, emotionless, expressionless, mute. Where is your smile? I wondered again.

The only thing reassuring me that time had not stopped was the shadow of the tree we were sitting under, moving as time passed. But I had not yet finished even one page of my book, the girl I didn't know hadn't taken her stare off me, why wouldn't she go and play? why didn't I say a word? where did you disapear to so suddenly?

Tonight, the little girl whom I don't know, who is not talking, is sleeping on the floor, still staring, such a heavy look that can wake you up from the deepest sleep, the eyes, and the smile, and I am the closest thing there is to crazy.

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Anonymous said...

vaay!! in chi bood?